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IBBRA Welcomes Siderat Pest Control in Italy and Malta!

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Although poorly understood, the echoes of bed bug suffers can be heard throughout the globe as the non-stop plague continues to grow. With bed bugs, there is no language or boundary barrier.

They are bloodsuckers and their agenda is the same anywhere you should find them. Bed bugs don’t discriminate demographics, age, social economics, creed, race or religion – they are just - bed bugs.


Each year as the bed bug pandemic continues to affect more people globally, we find the need to grow a little bit more and reach out to find those in the industry that are eager to share and learn, become a part of an organized community, to grow and embrace the vision and mission of the IBBRA.


Our focus is to find those who see the importance of massive public awareness and education while helping others eliminate their problems. These trusted people are not pretentious, focus on complete solutions and are chosen by discerning consumers.


The IBBRA would like to acknowledge and welcome aboard Siderat Pest Control in Italy to address bed bug public awareness, and bring needed education to their country.


Established in 1998, Siderat Pest Control began as a family business treating for rats and standard household pests. In 2005, Monica Marchese, owner of Siderat received a call about a unique, “unrecognized” pest, which she quickly learned was the infamous bed bug.


Having never encountered a bed bug before, she began seriously studying the insect to understand what was necessary to combat them effectively. Since that day, from scarce encounters to monthly, then weekly and now daily calls, Monica and her team tackle some of the toughest bed bugs jobs in Sicily, and Malta.


When interviewing Monica, I asked how she went about eliminating bed bugs problem with little to no information about the bugs. She replied, “Our team experimented with different techniques and finally won over countless failures before perfecting our skills. It was a true learning curve for us because bed bugs are so different from any other insect we had encountered. Their cryptic nature and dispersal behavior was quite a challenge at first. We used the ecology of the bug as a parameter to guide us in achieving a successful, all stage of development kill ratio along with lots of education to prevent reoccurrences for our clients”.


She went on to say, “After a careful analysis of the infested environment, adding the bed bugs number one weakness (steam/heat), we have been able to achieve excellent results in the fight against them. It wasn’t hard to immediately figure out that this isn’t the kind of job that you can just spray and run; it takes time, focus and a concentrated effort by both us and our clients”.


Monica and her team fit right in with the IBBRA because of the vision and passion to help people both emotionally and financially from the negative effects of bed bugs. She agrees that the first step in defeating bed bugs is education and came on board with the IBBRA to increase this knowledge.


Here is her most recent interview about the bed bug problem in Italy. She saw the need and wrote a bed bug awareness book, which IBBRA champions all the way!


In the next few months, both Monica and the IBBRA will be working closely together to make all IBBRA materials available in Italian, as well as providing this educational gateway to those in Italy and Malta.


Our global demographics include approximately seven billion people whom which all are susceptible to bed bugs entering their homes and businesses. With the help of interested professionals from countries globally, the IBBRA and their members certainly make a difference!


Take a moment, drop a line, congratulate Monica and welcome her to the team!


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By Denise Donovan